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Uwell Caliburn Kit INTRODUCTION

Are you looking for the most incredible and vape pod in the market today? If yes, then make sure to check out this Uwell Caliburn Kit.

If you prefer to use an ultra-compact and easy-to-use vape, you should consider getting a vape pod kit.

Why Choose a Vape Pod Kit?

Pod Kits are convenient and compact, so you can take them with you anywhere without worrying about them bulging in your pocket. Pod vape kits work best for cigarette smokers who are looking to transition from smoking to vaping while still allowing them to take a hit anytime and anywhere.

Most vape pods like JUUL or VUSE e-cigs utilize either pre-filled liquid pods or a refillable pod system, just like the Uwell Caliburn. A refillable pod kit allows pod vapers to fill the pod cartridges with their preferred e-liquid flavor quickly.

Introducing Uwell Caliburn

Uwell introduces the Caliburn Pod System, an easy-to-use and refillable pod device perfect for vaping nicotine salts e-juice.


The Uwell Caliburn has a dual firing method, so you can activate it through the button and draw activation. This vape pod boasts an 11W maximum output and comes with a voltage output of 3.2 to 4.0V. When it comes to charging the battery, the  Caliburn Pod System comes with a single micro USB charging port.

The Uwell Caliburn body also comes with an LED battery indicator and an oversized firing button for better convenience. Aside from its staple features, the Uwell Caliburn Pod System is an excellent device for vapers looking for the best pocket-sized vaping device.

When it comes to usage, you’ll have an exquisite vaping experience with the Uwell Caliburn Kit. This pod kit offers the best combinations of an aluminum alloy chassis, a dual firing mechanism, and a 520mAh battery, thereby ensuring you with utmost performance.


The Uwell Caliburn Kit utilizes the Pro-FOCS flavor technology to give users the best tasty experience in every vape flavor. This technology recycles airflow through the atomizer core to load the airflow with a more condensed flavor.

In a simple sense, it directs airflow along with the coil multiple times before releasing output to deliver the taste of liquids as accurately as possible in the most condensed way.


With its 520mAh rechargeable battery, this vape pod kit can ensure that you won’t ever get any downtime so that you can get a flavorful hit wherever and whenever. This vape pod kit is a user-friendly device suited to beginner vapers.

The Uwell Caliburn top-fill comes with a pod cartridge containing the best e-juice, which fires at the resistance of 1.4ohm to give you a powerful and tasty vaping experience.

Its pods can be refilled with up to 2mL of e-liquid, one of the largest capacities in the market as compared to other models that have less than 1mL per pod.


Because the Uwell Caliburn Kit features a dual firing mechanism, you are free to choose which way you want to use it, either by using the draw-activated firing mechanism or the intuitive firing button.

This vape pod kit is the perfect companion for traveling with its lightweight structure and long-lasting battery, so you’ll undoubtedly enjoy great freedom while vaping.


The Uwell Caliburn Kit is highly durable and is made of light zinc alloy, which gives it a slender and lightweight form. It fits a powerful 520mAh rechargeable battery and is chargeable through a Type-C USB port.  

The lightweight aluminum alloy chassis is topped with a matte finish giving the Uwell Caliburn kit a luxurious feel that’s highly resistant to dirt and finger oil.

Overall, we can confidently say that the Uwell Caliburn is a vape pod kit that offers excellent performance in an aesthetically pleasing and light design.

What’s great about the Uwell Caliburn Kit is its 520mAh battery that provides utmost power efficiency that makes the vape long-lasting without recharging. This gives you a more extended period to enjoy your vape.

Plus, you can also replace it anytime you want if you have a spare. Don’t worry; this vape pod kit is also fast-charging so that you won’t miss your Caliburn kit for too long.

Let’s look at the details

  • Dual Firing Mechanism - Draw Activated or Button Activated
  • Dimensions:110mm * 21.2mm * 11.6mm
  • E-Juice Capacity: 2ML
  • Wattage Output Range: 11W
  • Voltage Output Range: 3.2-4.0V
  • Construction: Aluminium-Alloy
  • Battery: Removable 520mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Resistance Range: 1.2-1.5ohm
  • Pod Coil Resistance: 1.4ohm
  • Color availability: Iris Purple, Grey, Black, Red, Pink, and Blue
  • Protections: Short-Circuit Protection/Low Power Alert/10 Second Cut Off Protection

What’s in the box?

  • 1 X Uwell Caliburn Pod System Kit
  • 1 X Uwell Caliburn Pod Cartridge
  • 1 X Micro USB Cable
  • 1 X Uwell Caliburn Kit User Manual

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Many substandard vapes/pods cannot guarantee you the same experience as that of a Caliburn Pod System Kit.

The worst thing that could happen is that you can be getting a vape that can be detrimental to your health and your safety.

We recommend that you do your research and compare the prices of various vape stores online to avoid getting scammed by expensive but low-quality items. 

Furthermore, you should only choose the ones that can provide you with great bargains and discounts so that you can get the highest-quality vape at the most reasonable price, ensuring you of great value for money.

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