Vapouriser Nicotine - Salt 100mg/mL


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Lion Labs Vapouriser Nicotine is an unflavoured Nicotine Salt Base (100mg/ml).

Lion Labs Vapouriser Nicotine is a nicotine base NZ formulated to the finest standards. It has to be stored at -32C for optimal shelf life, and carefully packaged to ensure it arrives safely at your door.

General information of Vaporizer Nicotine (Salt 100 mg/mL)

This Nicotine base NZ foundation is flavorless. Make sure that your mixes are crisp, unmuted, and clean. This is the purest form of nicotine available, acquired directly from Siegfried AG in Switzerland and combined and packaged in Lion Labs' ISO 5 certified laboratories in New Zealand. 

The unflavored liquid nicotine salt methods include no benzoic acid and are simple to add to the final outcome. To make sure the best quality for the products, the above combination of this type of nicotine base NZ is blended. That results in diluted pre-blended methods made from raw ingredients. Those solutions successfully bring a smoother sensation and have better flavor throughput.

Specifically designed for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts, our nicotine base is one of the best grades available. Packaged in amber pharmaceutical bottles with child-resistant closures, each bottle contains 100mL. 

Main ingredients made of Lion Labs Vapouriser Nicotine base NZ are Nicotine Salt (10%) and Propylene Glycol 90% (USP). 

Vaping users have gradually become more and more adventurous in terms of experimenting with their own strong points, flavor combinations, and carrier base ratios. Vapers expect the product to be pure, natural, unflavored, and pre-diluted nicotine salt blends for personal application. 

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