Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Pod System Kit 1800mAh 4ml


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The vaping industry is booming and there are so many choices when it comes to vaping products. 

How do you know which one is right for you? 

Today we're going to take a look at the Vaporesso Luxe PM40. This vape pen is sleek, stylish, and durable with a great flavor payoff. 

Let's take a closer look!


Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Specification
  • Featuring A 5 – 40w Range Control Button
  • Integrated 1800mah Battery, 
  • Various Firing Modes. 
  • Utilizes The GTX Mesh Coil Series. 
  • Holding Up To 4ml Of E-juice Or Nicotine Salts
  • 0.69” OLED Screen 
  • Type C Charging Port


Vaporesso was established in 2015 with  the goal of creating vaping products that are enjoyable to use, innovative in technology and reliable in quality. They are dedicated to providing the very best vaping experience at an affordable price. With design concepts that produce simple, unique, elegant designs with a futuristic feel - their popularity grew quickly across Europe in both small and large markets alike.

Their mission is to build a product line that provides vapers with the best possible experience and allows them to make the switch from smoking to vaping. We would love to help smokers' trouble when they are switching to vaping with: Better taste - Ease to use - Safety - Style & Ergonomic.


Vaporesso's products are now worldwide ,  however they are still continuing to develop new innovative products. They're known for their powerful mods and tanks with great taste, which has led people to describe them as the 'Big guys in Vaping'. Their premium devices include their mind-boggling RDA's - NRG & swag series.


Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Pod System

Vaporesso's Luxe box mod is a powerful vape device that offers an outstanding vaping experience every time you pick it up. The turbo boosting technology ensures consistent vapor production at all times while the high-resolution display screen allows for easy monitoring of your settings. With three different modes and a comfortable, ergonomic design, Vaporesso's Luxe box mod is the perfect device for all of your vaping needs.

The Vaporesso Luxe PM40 is packed with technology. It includes the OMNI Board 4.0 chipset, which provides a great vaping experience. The chipset allows for a variety of modes, including wattage mode, temperature control mode and TCR mode. This means that you can use the device with virtually any type of coil you want.

The device also has a big OLED screen that makes it easy to see what's going on. The screen is clear and easy to read, which is important when you're trying to adjust the settings on the device.

The Vaporesso Luxe PM40 also includes vibration notifications. This means that you'll be notified of any changes or alerts through vibrations instead of sound. This is a great feature that prevents you from running into any safety concerns.



  • LUXE PM40 Battery x1 
  • RDL Cartridge (4ml) x1
  • MTL Cartridge (3.5ml) x1 
  • GTX 0.6 Ω Mesh Coil x1
  • GTX 0.8 Ω Mesh Coil x1
  • Type-C USB Cable x1 
  • User Manual x1 
  • Warranty Card x1


Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Pod System Design

The Luxe features a comfortable, ergonomic design with a rounded feel that will be sure to fit nicely in your hand. The exterior of the device is made from zinc alloy, making it both durable and lightweight. The PM40 also features a carbon fiber front cover for added aesthetic appeal. 

The Vaporesso presents a whole new perspective of the artistry of light shining - Holographic IML panel. The artwork on the panel is revealed by illuminating under UV ray, showcasing an unique and stunning visual effect.  The Vaporesso Luxe will initially be available with an option of a black or a white IML panel.


The Luxe PM40 by Vaporesso is a high-quality vape mod that utilizes turbo boosting technology to provide an outstanding vaping experience. The mod is made with premium materials and features a high-resolution display screen that allows you to monitor your settings with ease. The turbo boosting technology ensures that your mod will always perform at its best, providing smooth, consistent vapor every time.

The Luxe also features short circuit protection, low voltage protection, low resistance warning, overtime usage warning for increased battery life, overcharge protection, overheating protection, low voltage protection, and overheat prevention.


Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Pod System Coils

The Vaporesso Luxe is a great device, and it tastes even better with the GTX mesh coils! The GTX mesh coils provide amazing flavor and vapor production, and they are also very durable.

Available with 3 different coils: 

  • 0.6 Ω - 20W - 30W: Best suit to Eliquid: 30PG : 70PN, 6/3mg.
  • 0.8 Ω - 12 - 20W: Best suit to Eliquid: Nic salt (50 PG : 50VG, 30/20mg) and Freebase (50PG : 50 VG, 9/12).
  • 1.2 Ω - 8 - 12W: Best suit to Eliquid: Nic salt (50 PG : 50VG, 50/30mg) and Freebase (50PG : 50 VG, 18/12). 

Vaporesso' team has been working tirelessly to make sure that your coils are the best they can be. They put them through months and years worth of rigorous testing, but now they're finally happy with our results! With an optimum combination between different wicking materials combined airflow for optimal vapor production.

To be honest, this would be a great competitor to SMOK NORD 2 POD KIT.


Vaporesso has created an electronic cigarette that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It looks like a sleek and modern high-end pen, but with the power of a 40w mod. The design alone sets this device apart from other e cigarettes on the market, but it also features some innovative technology too. 

Most notably, its Smart Path Technology allows you to customize your vaping experience by selecting one of five preset modes or create your own personalized setting based on duration and intensity!

 If you want your next vape mod to be as unique as possible, then this may be just what you’ve been looking for. What do you think? Do these features tempt you into trying out this new vaping experience? 

Come to the VapeVend store and have a look. 

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