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Airscream Airspops: A Review Of Their Most Recently Product

Airscream is an excellent taste vape brand at a fantastic price for vapers. Airscream is a brand that focuses on new-age innovation while providing incomparable flavour and pleasure. 

They have a vision and a purpose to bring together all the adventurous and creative individuals in the world. Many Vape brands have sprung up with diverse and trendy inspirations, designs, and experiences that bring joy to users. 

Thereby, when buying, users often choose genuine and famous Vape products, you will assured of quality. Read the following article for more information about vaping brand Airscream, their product Airscream Airspops and what makes the brand famous among smokers.




AIRSCREAM is a way of life, a brand that focuses on innovation for the new millennium while providing unrivalled flavour and pleasure to consumers. We enjoy life, and we have a strong desire for the arts and design. 

We have a vision and a purpose to bring together all the adventurous and creative individuals in the globe to work together to achieve our aim of developing goods that tailored to the needs of smokers. 

Airscream is a vaping company founded by enthusiasts to provide a high-quality pod experience suited for vapers who wish to stop smoking. 

About AIRSCREAM Air pop pod system

The Airscream Air pop pod system is a closed pod system that has simple-to-use mechanics and a large selection of options. Omit the internal battery. It made of plastic and has around a 500 mAh internal battery. 

It features a charging port on the bottom and a little white indicator light on the side of the gadget to state that it is charging. It is an auto-draw system that does not require the use of any buttons. Charging the USB dock accomplished by using a USB port and takes around 45 minutes to set.

About AIRSCREAM Air pop pod system

The pods themselves are available in a range of flavours, with a large selection available on the company's website. 1.2 mil capacity pods with broad airflow used, and they snap into position with a click into their respective pod systems. 

There is no priming required; connect and vape, with the curved top guaranteeing that the pod does not fall out of the device. The pods are available in two different strengths: 5 percent nic salt (50mg) and 3.6 percent (36mg).

The benefits and drawbacks of Airscream Airspops 

Closed-pod systems are becoming a popular choice for both vapers and smokers attempting to quit their addiction. Due to its popularity in the United States, it has surpassed all others as the most popular closed pod vape. 

The benefits of Airscream Airspops

With a super slim design, clever technology, various delectable flavours, and a nicotine dose strong enough to please even long-time smokers, the e-cigarette is a must-have.

It is not an inexpensive alternative for everyone, and it can be challenging to get in Australia and New Zealand due to supply constraints. 

There is an increasing number of rivals offering closed-pod systems on the market, but the Airscream Airspops pod system stands out since it provides a lot for such a reasonable price.

The Airscream Airpop is a closed pod system that comes in various flavours and is simple to use because of its simple operations. The gadget itself has an internal battery with a capacity of around 500 mAh, a front indicator light, and an auto draw mechanism with no buttons on the device. 

It features a USB port on the bottom that allows it to charge using the USB charging dock. Battery life on this gadget may last for well over a day, and the setting time is around 45 minutes on average.

The pods have a 1.2 mil capacity and primed and ready to use when they delivered. It is necessary to put the pod into the top of the device to begin vaping immediately. 

The benefits of Airscream Airspops

The pods are now available in two strengths: 5 percent nic salt (50mg) and 3.6 percent nic salt (36mg), with various flavours accessible on the company's website.

The benefits of Airscream Airspops 

The battery life on this gadget will last throughout the day and into the following day before needing recharged. Charging time is under an hour, ensuring that you will not be without it for an extended time, which is helpful for vapers. The indicator light on the front is lovely and bright, but it is difficult to see in direct sunlight. 

The benefits of Airscream Airspops

Yet, it will be evident when the gadget is firing and time to recharge. The connection port is secure, preventing any accidental pod release, and removing the pod requires a tiny amount of force, strengthening the pod's security.

When compared to other comparable gadgets on the market, the flavour produced by them is outstanding. Although there is a wide variety of flavours available, the flavours do not come across as subdued, and you receive a nice large burst of flavour from each one.

Compared to other pods on the market, the airflow on the pods is far broader, which is a significant advantage since it enables more considerable blows, resulting in a more excellent throat hit.

The higher nicotine concentrations are helpful because they will help ex-smokers manage their cravings much more and make the transition to vaping much more straightforward. 

Vaping is pleasant and smooth, with no sharp hits, and the juice volume paired with consumption means that one pod will last several days, making it a cost-effective sale when purchased in bulk.

The drawback of Airscream Airspops 

The strengths offered do not make it simpler to quit with a device like this at a smaller nic level, which is the first disadvantage. As far as leaving concerned, greater nicotine levels will maintain the user's nic addiction. 

The second drawback for me is the battery capacity, which, as before said, and not sure of its exact ability. In contrast, if Airscream had supplied a little larger one this time around and delivered two full days' worth of usage, it would very indeed have distinguished itself from the competition on more than one count.

The final drawback is that the flavour does begin to fade after a few draws, which is rather disappointing. Although there is still a delicious plain flavour, you lose the first wow impact when using a pod, which was a minor letdown considering how good they are.

Zesty Lemon Airpops from Airscream

AIRSCREAM is considered a lifestyle that prioritises innovation for the modern era, offering unparalleled and unique flavours and experiences. AIRSCREAM cherish life, and they always set their hearts on design and arts. 

Besides, AIRSCREAM has a vision and a mission to unite all the adventurous and creative people in the globe in their pursuit of really smoker-friendly products. AIRSCREAM AirsPops is their electronic cigarette. 

AIRSCREAM has enhanced its AirsPops replacement pods and now offers the AirsPops 1.6ml POD in New Zealand. All AirsPops battery devices are compatible with the new 1.6ml Pods. You can easily take advantage of the enhanced new pod without investing additional money on a new gadget.

Its innovative structure not only enhances airflow but also makes it more leak resistant. Put an end to your leaking nightmares. Your favourite flavours have been elevated to a whole new level with the new stainless coil.  

In addition, AIRSCREAM maximises its value by increasing the amount to 1.6ml while maintaining the exact pricing. Thus, buyers may enjoy a larger and better new pod at the same price as before.

Specification Of Airscream Airpops - Zesty Lemon

Specification Of Airscream Airpops - Zesty Lemon

Product details:

  • The package includes two pods
  • Pod capacity: 1.6ml
  • Nicotine strength: 19 mg/ml

Unparalleled feature of production:

  • AIRSCREAM lab has developed a hybrid nicotine delivery solution that anyone can enjoy.

Harsh control:

  • Tar
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Suspended particles

Food grade aseptic material:

  • To offer the best customer experience, only the highest quality food grade materials are utilized in all AirsPops components. 

Taste surprise: 

  • Flavors crafted with a heart to share the joyfulness one vape at a time. 

In Conclusion

To begin, imagine a thrilling thrill of icy lemon that jitters around the tongue, which embellished with a full robust blast of zesty lemongrass end that is sure to shake the taste senses. Break open the packet and inhale the contents. 

The packaging has a glossy finish, making it convenient to carry and open at any time and from any location. Minimal design, which focuses on the product itself, is intended to simplify consumers' decision-making in today's fast-paced world.

Because several online scams will result in you losing your hard-earned money, you should exercise caution when using the internet. 

As a result, it advised that you compare the prices of various vape Australia stores online to avoid duped by the most expensive but low-quality items. 

Choose those who provide unique bargains and discounts to their customers so that you can get the highest-quality vape at the most reasonable price.

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Making the appropriate option at the outset may save you a great deal of hassle in the future. To make an informed decision about an online vape store, we recommend evaluating all the aspects listed above. 

If you are looking for a fair, efficient, and competent firm, you will not disappointed if you choose Vapevend.

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