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Dornish Red is a magnificent e-liquid that gives you the tart taste of pomelo with a smooth exhale. Airscream Pods has nailed the perfect flavor with this one, and it's sure to become one of your favorites! The inhale is sweet and juicy, while the exhale is refreshing and citric. If you're looking for something new and exciting, be sure to give Dornish Red a try!


Airscream Dornish Red grapefruit pomelo flavor is the latest Reds line, the third of four flavors launched with AirsPops Starter Kit.
Airscream Dornish Red grapefruit pomelo flavor comes in two sizes: 0.8ml and 1.5 ml cartridges, each with 23mg of nicotine. Even though the product is called "cartridges', they are mouthpieces containing the liquid and attached to the battery, which powers the atomizer.
The mouthpieces (cartridges) can be bought separately and used with other AirsPops batteries if desired; however, we advise against doing so as it disables warranty and you risk damaging your atomizer.

The moment you take a drag from the Airscream cartridge, your taste buds get flooded with juicy and syrupy grapefruit pomelo flavor (henceforth called "the taste"). It's challenging to pinpoint one fruit component because of its potent combination of flavors. We'd say there is more grapefruit than pomelo if we had to guess.
The fruit flavor is well balanced, and neither overpowers the other while still leaving you to enjoy each one of its nuances. It leaves a solid but pleasant aftertaste that lingers in your mouth for several minutes (henceforth called "the aftertaste").
The smell of Airscream grapefruit pomelo flavor is the best we have ever experienced in a vape liquid. When vaping, it doesn't smell as strong. Still, it lingers around you for several minutes, engulfing everything around with the sweet and fresh smell of exotic fruit. When exhaling, the vapour cloud smells much more robust, and those around you will immediately notice something is different.
The combination of juicy grapefruit and syrupy pomelo flavors in the Airscream cartridge makes it a delightful vape, even for seasoned vapers. So, the newcomer vapers may want to use smaller puffs until they get accustomed to it.
All in all, Airscream cartridges are an excellent choice for grapefruit pomelo vape flavor, both in terms of taste and smell.

It has a pleasant earthy taste that is subtle enough not to turn away any beginner vapers but flavorful enough for someone like me (who's into vape fruits). Airscream Dornish Red is best suited for any time of the day. We especially recommend it as a morning vape to start your day with a burst of sweet fruit aroma.


How to get the best taste of Airscream Dornish Red Pods?
It's recommended to prime the cartridge before vaping it. Take one pull on it, wait 5 seconds and take another pull. Continue this process until you feel that your atomizer is fully saturated with the liquid.
After doing this step, make sure to let some air pass through your mouthpiece every once in a while (so that by the time you start vaping, the liquid isn't too thick/heavy on your atomizer). It's perfectly normal for it to take 5-7 pulls for you to prime the cartridge fully. 

Are Airscream Dornish Red Pods compatible with other batteries?
No, cartridges are only compatible with AirsPops Starter Kit batteries. Please do not attempt to use it with other batteries to avoid cartridge damage and warranty.

How many ml/mg of liquid should I vape on a single cartridge?
We recommend that you not exceed more than 1.5mg (1.5 ml) of e-liquid per cartridge; otherwise, your atomizer might get damaged.

Can I use Airscream Dornish Red Pods with any device?
However, these are only available for use with AirsPops Starter Kit, so do not attempt to use them with other batteries.

Can I reuse a cartridge?
No, cartridges are disposable and non-refillable. If you've used the entire content of the cartridge, please dispose of it properly (according to your state laws).

What is AirsPops Starter Kit?
It's an affordable vape starter kit with a built-in battery and a USB charger. It's specially designed for users just starting their vaping adventure or those who don't have time to deal with the hassle of replacement parts and chargers. Check out our Starter Kits here.

Can we play a mix and match game with this vape juice?
Yes, you can! We currently offer these flavors: Menthol, Sour Strawberry and Grapefruit. You may mix and match any of them with your order to save more money. Visit our Product Catalog now.

How long can you use this pod?
One cartridge is equivalent to 300-400 puffs, so it will depend on how heavy a vapor you are.

Using Airscream Cartridges with other devices/mods will immediately VOID your warranty.
Airscream pod cartridges are compatible ONLY with AirsPops Starter Kit.
Do not use this product if you have any allergies to its ingredients or components listed above.
These e-liquids contain nicotine, which is addictive and potentially harmful. Smokers of legal age should only use it. Keep e-liquids away from children and pets.
Under no circumstances should this product be used by children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, with any pre-existing medical conditions without first seeking medical advice.
All AirsPops products are 100% guaranteed with a replacement warranty for manufacturing defects only.

The AIRSCREAM Pod: Dornish Red is a great way to enjoy your vaping experience. The sweet and juicy pomelo flavor will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. If you're looking for an exotic flavor that packs a punch, then this cartridge is perfect for you. Order your AIRSCREAM pod today and be prepared to taste something unique!
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