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Bastard Barbatos RY4 is the most popular e-liquid available in Vapevend. This e-liquid has many flavors so that it can smoke up a lot and tastes very delicious. RY4 is a pure tobacco e-liquid with an incredible red oak mix layer and complex, subtle undertones.

bastard barbatos ry4

Barbatos Ry4 - Flavor Profile

Many customers who enjoy Bastard Barbatos RY4 have commented that this is an e-liquid that makes a unique taste that you have ever enjoyed. The oak flavors are so delicious and authentic. Using this flavor with wine produces vanilla and tea-like or fruity sweetness. We bet that you will fall in love with this taste!

Bastard Barbatos RY4 E-Liquid is a line of e-juice that you should add to your collection. This product is a gift for those of you who like oak vape juices. People who have experienced Bastard Barbatos RY4 all rate this oil good and worth trying in the low-priced segment.

Vapor Production

The main composition of Bastard Barbatos juice includes 90% of Vegetable Glycol substance. It is extracted from coconut or palm oil. Its texture is thick and dense, specializing in creating more smoke in Bastard Barbatos juice.

PG/VG ratios

PG and VG are two factors that affect the e-cigarette experience of smokers. These are two common parameters in the packaging of e-liquid. The higher the VG, the greater the amount of smoke produced. You will get more smoke. PG is the substance capable of creating the best flavor of vape juice.

These two parameters must be consistent, and the ratio difference should not be too large. The ideal PG/VG ratios are 30/70, 60/40, and 50/50. RY4 PG/VG ratio is 60/40, its reasonable PG/VG ratio can ensure smoke quality.

bastard barbatos ry4 new

Best Suits to Beginners

If you are a newbie, just using the pod system, and are wondering what type of e-liquid is suitable for your pod system, then Bastard Barbatos RY4 is a perfect choice. Or you can also learn to distinguish and evaluate the following for yourself: Essential oils labeled Juice Pod or Salt nicotine are all suitable and can be used for pod systems.

For people who are practicing smoking cessation and switching to a pod system, you should choose RY4 because it has a high nicotine concentration of about 35mg/50 mg compared with conventional products. Using RY4 liquid during the first time quitting traditional smoking will help you be less surprised and not feel too uncomfortable.

E-liquid now has many distinct scents and flavors, giving customers the freedom to choose the flavor that suits them best. Depending on their preferences, vapers can choose fruit, sage, green tea, mint, watermelon, or simply the familiar traditional tobacco flavor.

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Although it sounds simple, if you ignore the details below, in using e-liquid, you may encounter an oil spill.

  • If the parts are not properly assembled by hand, the essential oil may spill out through the gaps.
  • Do not put too much oil into the combustion chamber because it can lead to the overflow of oil in the air duct, causing a blockage.
  • Regularly clean and sanitize equipment.
  • Remove excess essential oil residues so that when using a vape, you can feel the fullness and flavor of the vape. It also prevents burning, causing unpleasant odors.

In addition, when the oil in the tank has run out, you must promptly refill it. Because if you let the vape fall into a state of exhaustion, you will breathe in vapors with a burning smell, causing extremely uncomfortable throat irritation. Even the life of the device will decrease gradually.

Get Bastard Barbatos from Vapevend

Vapevend is a quality tobacco e-liquid brand based in New Zealand. Their product includes many distinct lines of e-liquid, typically: Freebase Nicotine E-Liquid, Nicotine Salt E-Liquid, Refilled Pods & Disposables, and Replacement Coils & Pods.

bastard barbatos ry4

Vapevend specializes in importing essential oils directly, so the quality of essential oils is guaranteed. The quality control stage is strictly controlled to ensure that the essential oils are genuine. Worrying about buying poor-quality essential oils from underground establishments will be solved. The e-liquid bottles received will have the best quality, create the most standard taste, and make you have moments of comfort.

Above is our review of Bastard Barbato's bottles worth buying that you should refer to. For many people, Bastard Barbatos may be new essential oil, but smoke connoisseurs are already familiar with this essential oil. If you have never played Bastard Barbatos, try it now to feel the difference. You can buy Bastard Barbato's essential oils at Vapevend. They have super delicious e-liquid bottles available for you to choose from.

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